Blended by Nature, Rewarded with Gold

Scarlett Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been recognised by the Australian Olive Association with multiple gold medals. We treasure and nurture our trees.


Our award-winning oil is produced in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Our cool climate provides a longer growing season, which ensures a superior olive oil with distinctive flavour and superb nutritional qualities.


More than 700 olives go into every bottle of Scarlett Grove. While most olive oils are produced from only one variety of olive or blended at a later stage, our olives are harvested from a classic Tuscan mix of the three varieties we grow – Frantoia, Leccino and Pendolino. As soon as they are picked, the olives are pressed and bottled, with no additional processing.


Fresh oil is available but limited. The oil is light ,fruity and has a crisp peppery punch which is distinguishes Scarlett Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil.